Create More Financial Abundance By Tracking Your Income

Yes I know, you hate tracking. Its boring, its not sexy. I hate accounting.

In fact, accounting makes my head hurts. Just writing the word accounting literally gives me a headache.

I am a money mindset coach and I hate it probably just as bad as you do. So I am going to make you a promise, which is also a guarantee.

But this is really not about accounting or tracking, “Thank God!”

This is about being mindful of what comes into your life. Accounting is based on facts, money tracking in the manifesting sense is focused on gratitude, awareness and increased abundance.

My promise and guarantee is if you try tracking your income for at least 7 days, its going to change your relationship with money and bring in more income. Which we all want

You see, the reason why we definitely need to test-drive this process is because we are all experts, we are all experts at making up B.S stories. We tend to come up with stories about our ability and most of all, our deservedness to earn more money.

Stories like:

I’m broke. There’s literally NO money coming in.

Nobody is buying my stuff. I guess I’m not cut out for being in business.

I am just not good at this money thing.

I tried so many times and it never works. I guess I am just not good at making money.

We have to get out of that state, and what better way to do so than to start tracking the money that comes into our lives and business?

Money tracking daily keeps you mindful of what’s actually going on in your life, helps you appreciate the abundance around you, and sometimes gets your butt into gear to make more money.

But that is not even the best part about this process- it stops you from feeling bad about money and making up stories about your ability to earn money.

“What gets measured gets improved.”

― Robin S. Sharma

When you try this method of tracking your income, that new awareness you have about your money will cause you to change your behavior in positive ways. Plus, the way we do it enhances one of the most powerful emotions for manifesting – GRATITUDE.

When you feel good about money, you generally start attracting MORE of it. What does that mean for your business? New clients who are eager to work with you because they see the value of your offer.

At the end of the way, how you feel about money influence the success of your business and your personal life.


1.Track all of the money that comes into your life. This includes your personal and business income. Do not separate them but combine them together. Now you know how much money you actually have and can appreciate all you have instead of blaming yourself or feeling frustrated because you haven’t hit your income goal as yet. Some of you have already hit your monthly goal without even realizing it.

When you see what you have, you start seeing how abundant you really are.

So for the next couple of days, track all income cash and money. Every coin you find in the street. Every source of job income. Every monetary gift. Interest. Free money. Easy money. Cash money. Paypal money.

Money is money.

This is not for tax purposes so don’t worry about being 100% accurate.

#2: Track anything of “value”

Every time you get something free, track it on your value column. If you can value it, add it.

For example – your friend buys you an ice cream cone. Add the cost of that into your value column. You got a free coupon to go towards an item you were already buying – add into your value column. You get something for free. Add to your value column.

So Eston, what if no money is coming in?

Still do the exercise. Look at all the things that are coming into your life, that free gift, your friend buying you a cup of coffee, you are still attracting things into your life, so track it. The more you focus on the things you do have, the faster the things you do want come into your life.

I would love to hear how you feel about this exercise, and if you try it and found it powerful, please come back and leave a comment on this post

Happy tracking!

Eston Swaby

Money Mindset and Life Transformation Coach