How Emotional Blocks Stops You From Hitting Your Income and Business Goals

Do you feel stuck at one income level (even if that’s zero) but can’t seem to break through that invisible glass ceiling despite of all the marketing strategies you’ve tried?

Or maybe your income keeps fluctuating. One month you earn 10k, the next its 5k and it keeps jumping all over the place.

Maybe your problem is not with your strategy or tactic, or even that you are not clear on who you serve, maybe your problem is more personal than you think.

What do I mean by that?

I had a client once. Let’s call her name Jessica. Seriously, she was one of the best clients I had ever worked with in terms of experience and she was really good at what she did. She was better than I was and I was her coach😢 that was a very humbling experience.

But she was not making any money in her business. She was Gifted and have the results to show for it, but not the money. Worked with celebrities who people in the USA know and like, but didn’t have the check to show for it.

You know why? Because she was afraid to charge for her work. She was living a story her mother told her many years ago that she wasn’t good enough, that no one will pay her and she shouldn’t charge.

She had more than enough experience to be a 6 figure earner, but her business was struggling because her problem was not with her strategy, it was in her mindset. She had emotional block around her self-worth and her money.

So my question to you is, is your problem more internal than its external? Could it be that you are not attracting clients or maybe you are getting leads but not closing them because you have an emotional block?

For example, intellectually you know that money is good and you need more of it, but deep down you are saying things like:

❎Money is bad. Money is the root of all evil

❎If i make more money, I will lose it all or I will get corrupt

❎Or to make more money I have to work harder (and really who wants to work harder), or I will have to be dishonest (and thats totally against your values)

❎Maybe you are saying rich people are dishonest and corrupt and you don’t want to be dishonest and corrupt.

❎Or maybe you are saying that you should not be charging for your work or its better to give than to receive or maybe you feel bad about charging clients.

It could be any money block that is stopping you from hitting that elusive income goal.

👉Or maybe whats holding you back is that you don’t feel good enough or worthy of being generously compensated for your work.

Intellectually, you know that you deserve to be compensated. You know that you are good enough (or maybe you don’t). You know that the more you show up as your authentic self sharing your unique message, you will attract clients and make more money.

But deep down you are telling yourself another story. Like another one of my clients.

Lets call her name Susan. Susan started her business designing her own products and started selling them on etsy. She knew she had a business, but when we started working together and started getting really deep into what was stopping her product from ‘flying off the shelf’, I realised that her business was a hobby. She was telling herself that ‘no one will want to buy my products. Who am I to be doing this?”

So instead of showing up as she should as a business woman, she told herself that this was just a hobby. It will never take off as it should.

So my question to you after reading this post, you have done all you could:

✅Post consistently on Facebook
✅Wrote tons of blog posts
✅Created video contents
✅Created a lot of freebies
✅Cold calling

But you are still not hitting that income goal. Could it be that your strategy or the tactics you are using are not the problem but the stories you are telling yourself the problem?

Could you start hitting your next and your next income goal after you have cleared your emotional and mindset blocks?

I believe so.

But one thing I have found out that sometimes you need someone who is able to see your blindspot and speak into your soul things you probably already know intellectually, but not doing.

That is why I would love to partner with you to identify and remove your emotional blocks around money and success so you can finally move from 5k (or maybe 1k) to your next income goal.

I have a reasonable price offer that will help you to break through your income glass ceiling in 8 weeks or less.

What would happen if you were able to hit your next income goal in less than 3 months?

If that’s what you want to do, book a free 30mins Strategy Call to see if you are a good fit for my 1-1 program.