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I am on a mission inspire your audiences to start talking, and acting, on what they learn and helping them to tap into their individual greatness.

I have known to be a speaker that not only inspire my audiences, but to also captivate and connect with people as a relevant, transparent, and transformational speaker. As a speaker I propel my audiences to action by challenging them to never settle for less than God’s best.

When you hire a speaker, you want someone who will help make your event stand out as 1) one of extreme value, 2) one that makes people want to come back year-­after-­year and 3) one that aligns with your brand, message and tribe. That’s why my goal is that people rave about YOU and your brand as a result of inviting me to your event as a keynote or breakout speaker.

Dear Event Planner,

My goal is to engage, educate, inspire and empower your audience with powerful storytelling, group participation, and sharing practical strategies they can use right now to transform their lives, and/or their businesses.

I would love the opportunity to speak to your audience and share a message that will transform, motivate, inspire and challenge your audience to live purposefully, have bigger dreams, conquer fears, and prepare to walk boldly in their destiny so they can experience true success and be the best God has called them to be.

My only goal when I speak to your audience is to exceed yours and their expectations, and to help them to experience transformation.

My Signature Speaking Topics are listed below. Know that I always make it a priority to tailor these and other requested topics to your specific group demographics and needs to ensure the best experience for your audience!

I look forward to speaking to your audience as a speaker.

Eston’s Signature Speaking Topics are:

Rethinking Wealth: Debunking Myths About Money and Making Money In Your Business

In this powerful presentation, Eston will debunk some of the myths or stories about money that keeps entrepreneurs stuck in their business and personal life.

Kindompreneur: Called Into The Marketplace For Impact

As Christian entrepreneurs, you are called into the marketplace for increase in income, impact and influence. God handpicked you to be an entrepreneur. In this presentation you will learn what it means to be a kingdom entrepreneur and keys to success in your business.

Charging Your Worth: From Overworked & Underpaid to Confident and Successful

In this presentation you will learn how to price your product or services, release guilt, shame and fear that causes you to undercharge and overwork to confidently selling in your business and creating a business that gives you time, location and money freedom

Monetizing Your Gift: 4 Keys To Turning Your Gift Into a Successful Business

In this powerful talk, I will share with your audience the 4 important keys that every successful companies and entrepreneurs use to achieve massive success and separate themselves from other companies.

Move From Shame, Guilt and Self-hate To Stepping Into Your Power

This can be done as a speech presentation or half-day workshop. In this presentation/workshop, Eston will share his life experiences of shame, guilt and self-hate on how he was able to release them, turn his story into a message and step into his power. The keys he will be sharing will help your audience to become who they were created to be and stop living in the past.

Corporate, Workshops and Seminars

If you’re looking to motivate and equip your staff to bring the best results you desire, it’s time to book Eston for your upcoming workshop, retreat or training. I will not only inspire your audience, but I will empower and challenge them to become the best they can be. My trainings are unique, results-oriented and informational to give your audience great strategies and ideas to implement immediately.
Speaking and Training Ideas

The Business Roadmap: Steps to Building an Authentic Business

What are the step by step process to build an authentic and powerful brand? In this training I will share with you the steps to build your authentic brand

Principles Of Success

Trained by one of the world greatest success trainer, Jack Canfield, I will share with you the principles to succeed not only in life but in also business. (Available as a workshop or talk)

I can also customize a talk for your special event based on desired theme. You just let me know and I’ll conjure up a message, workshop or keynote that will have your audiences talking and even better, acting on what they learn.