Is Your Money Personality Sabotaging You?

Do you know how you are uniquely built to make money and build your business?

Discover YOUR Unique Money Personality and how you are uniquely position to build your business

Your thoughts and feelings about money that determines your success. Whatever you do with money, I bet you don’t just do it once. Most of us have habits with money — some of which serve us, and some which definitely do not.

Within your unique money personality is the seed of a healthy relationship to money — a code just like “the other” DNA — with all the potential to create any level of wealth, freedom, and fulfillment you can imagine.

In this 60 Mins 1:1 session, you will:

  • Discover your unique Money Archetypes and the special significance these have in how much or little money you make.
  • Who you are best aligned to work with. Stop wasting time with clients that are just not a match for you
  • Discover the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and create financial freedom.
  •  How you work best with clients so you can best help them to get the breakthrough they want much faster.
  • What’s the easiest or quickest path to building your brand that is unique to you and feels just right (no more trying to be like everyone else, stand out by being your authentic self)
  • Pinpoint your blindspots and how you are prone to sabotage yourself (lets face it, we all have blindspots, we all sabotage ourselves at times and that is why we hire coaches. When I discovered my blindspots and how I am sabotaging myself, lets just say I stopped shooting myself in the foot)
  • Uncover how to align your financial success with your personal growth.
  • The one simple next-best step you can take immediately.
  • Troubleshoot the money blind spots that are likely causing an “invisible ceiling” on your income. Surprisingly, this invisible ceiling exists at EVERY income level. Hearing what you need to break free will remove any limits on your financial freedom and inner worth.
  • But the most important thing I learned by understanding my money personality or DNA was how to best position my business to attract my people.

Ready to get started?

Investment: $97

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