Eliminate Those Pesky Gremlins and Subconscious “Play Small” Beliefs Stopping You from Making More Money and Separate Yourself From The Crowd so You Can Finally Quit Your 9-5 Job and More Than Double Your Monthly Income

In 90 Days


Ignite Your Influence: 90 Day Blueprint To More Confidence And Income

For professionals who wants to quit their 9-5 job, new coaches and service-base entrepreneurs who want to stand out in a crowded market and attract the success they want in their lives and business

Are you struggling to transition fully from their 9-5 job to entrepreneurship? Not only that, but maybe you:

  • Are you struggling with your mindset? Not believing you are good enough, worth it?
  • Not having the confidence to sell your products/services?
  • Feeling stuck not knowing where to turn to make the shift you know you need?
  • Know that you deserve more but fear is getting in the way?
  • Are you struggling with not knowing where to start with your business?
  • Do you feel that you are drowning in tech stuff?
  • Don’t have a growing email list?
  • Not making the money in your business you know you have the capability to if you could only learn how….

How would you like to have clients magnetized to you regularly and paying you the big money you deserve?

How would you like to show up at a networking event and walk away with prospects, and even clients?


How would you like to have the freedom to take vacations and spend more time with loved ones?

With the right confidence, roadmap and my expert guidance in helping you to separate yourself from the crowd, you will be able to do just that

Here’s what I know. . .

You cannot create the business and life of your dreams if you are always worrying about the future (how you are going to pay the bills, how you will take care of your family and what kind of life you are providing for your family).

You cannot do that if you are always feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, depressed and tired.

You cannot do that if you are not being authentic, owning your voice, your space, your unique message, and without your own unique

And if you don’t feel worthy, good enough or always spinning your wheels doing busy work, you are not going to build the business you want.

When I started my business:

​1. I was charging clients $5 and that was because I was too scared to ask for $10 because “who would want to work with me?”

2. I felt as if I was not worthy, I was not good enough and I didn’t have a voice or a message

​3. I felt as if I didn’t have what it took to help my clients to get the results they want, even though that was exactly what I was already doing.

​4. I was afraid of putting myself out there because I thought I didn’t have anything of value to share, even when people told me that my content was really great.

​5. I was trying to be like everyone else because I was scared of standing out.

I was afraid of making money because “what if make money and then lose it or not know how to manage it properly?”

Afraid of sharing my message for fear of being rejected, failure or just not being good enough. No one wants to fail or get rejected, right?

I was afraid of telling people and just talking to people about anything not just business because what if they don’t like me or what if they reject me?

I was afraid of being my authentic self because I thought I could be my authentic self and share my voice and make money because I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH! So I tried to be like everyone else and got lost in all the noise going on online instead of separating myself from everyone else.

Don’t be like I was. Own your Awesomeness!

Results You Can Expect

Overcome fears and limiting beliefs so you can take bold action in your marketing, get clarity on your vision, and even get courageous doing video! It’s going to be so fun! Imagine what that will do for your business

Get to your dreams faster with a personalize plan to fast track your success because your not just another client.

Removed core blocks around creating and receiving abundance in your life and business

Gain more confidence and get rid of your doubts and fears.

Strengthen your self-image so you feel confident and powerful

You will be feeling crystal clear and on purpose about what you really want to create.

Discover their unique gift and calling, their unique message, extract the gold nuggets out of their story that sets them apart from everyone else. When you do this you are able to attract your dream clients instead of chasing them.

Craft your unique method or process you want to take their clients on.

Sell with authenticity without being salesy or pushy

Position yourself to double your income, create more freedom in your time and have the freedom to do the work that really matters to you.

I was struggling with feeling confident and deserving to make the type of money that really set my soul on fire in my business. I help people find their truth but through some personal challenges with my children I was unable to tap into my own light. Temporary soul blindness I called it. I felt defeated, here I was teaching others to be unstoppable and I had personally hit my own breaking point. I had to put my business on hold to help heal my family but in the middle of that I became fearful to move forward with my business. I found Easton looking for a mindset coach to help me get an outsiders perspective and rebuild my confidence. He provided not only mindset work to help me regain the correct perspective but he gave me great business tips and evaluated a lot of my content that helped me got et more clear in my target market and my offers. This program truly gave me the courage to continue pursuing my goals regardless of any setbacks.

Adjanys Marrero

Spiritual Business Mentor

This 3 month 1-1 coaching programme is for you if you know you want a more personal approach, someone to have your back, kick your ass (when needed) and walk you through step by step on what your dream life looks like and more importantly how to get it, then this 1:1 private coaching is the package for you.

I am more than just a coach, I am your new best friend (we’ll be spending that much time together it will feel like it)

Why am I offering this?

When I decided to transition from 9-5 to running my own business because I felt unfulfilled and I wasn’t doing the work I wanted to do, I had no sense of direction. I felt as if I was battling with myself everyday as I tried to figure out what I really want to be doing.

I felt not good enough and everyday I asked myself “can I really do this? Am I worthy to be paid? Am I deserving? How can I fit into the crowd because I cannot be authentic and make money?”

I struggled for a very long time before I finally started making money as an entrepreneur, and that wasn’t after failing at more than 10 businesses as I tried to find my own voice.

I’d love to shave time off your learning curve so you can get to profit faster. And we can get started RIGHT NOW to position you for profit.

What We Will Create Together

  • Position yourself as an high-end expert in your industry.
  • Create your high-ticket and low ticket offer that solves your dream clients biggest problem. This is the offer that will position you for success.
  • Breakthrough your visibility blocks and use video online to attract clients with my 30 day video challenge.
  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are, your message and your offer so you can attract high paying clients
  • Uncover your unique voice that allows you to build an attractive and authentic brand. When you do this your dream clients will be lining up to work with you because.
  • Master your inner game. In this program we place a lot of emphasis on your inner game so you bring in or attract clients that will pay you $3000, $5000.
  • Craft your powerful message that allows you to stand out.
  • Speak to your dream clients in a language that they understands and attract them to you.
  • Identify your strengths, goal, and purpose. Create the life and business that you want and know how to get there quickly.
  • Build your email list and build an automated systems so you can focus on doing what you do best- working with clients.
  • Sell without being pushy, salesy and being authentic

You’ll get…

  • 12x1hr coaching calls with me
  • Expert guidance, tips, and strategies directly from me
  • An open forum to communicate with me, ask me your toughest questions and get direct answers
  • My eyes on your business so I can help you get and stay on the right path
  • Take your business from zero to the $5K, $10K
  • Worksheets
  • Plus a whole lot more…