Your biggest success sabotage is:

Poor Boundaries

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You spend far too much time worrying about not being good enough, your clients leaving you and end up exhausted and overwhelmed because you are overdelivering and underpaid. You end up doing more than you should for less money than you want!

It is okay sometimes to say no because when you do you say YES to yourself. It is okay to not be a superman/woman for everyone.

Do you identify with some or all of these statements about


  • I feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility for my client’s success
  • I feel like if I am not available for them it is going to reflect badly on me
  • I feel like I have to respond immediately to my clients
  • I don’t have the confidence to call my clients out on things
  • I am afraid to say no out of guilt
  • I agree with others to avoid conflict even though I feel resentful later
  • I let my clients contact me anytime they need to
  • I sometimes wonder who is calling the shots, my clients or me
  • Even though I set out my terms and conditions, I still overstep the mark and over give.
  • I find myself unable to say no when I am uncomfortable doing something
  • I try to fix other people’s problems

If you experience some or all of these, then chances are struggling with SETTING GOOD BOUNDARIES in your business. This is because you’ve got some significant negative emotional experiences around SETTING GOOD BOUNDARIES that are keeping you from charging and earning what you are worth.

The truth is, when you start setting good boundaries by releasing your block, you will become aligned to your desires and become magnetic for what you desire – whether it is love, money or success!

You struggle to set good boundaries because during your 0-12 imprint years you were criticized, or took on more responsibility than a child typically would, or you were made to suffer in some way or observed or experienced trauma around taking action and what it meant, no matter how much effort you put in to ensure you never experience this again, your Subconscious will strive to recreate your 0-12 experiences so it can feel safe, as anything else doesn’t feel

So you end up….

  • Unable to say no when you are uncomfortable doing something
  • Afraid to say no out of guilt
  • Trying to fix other people’s problems
  • Your subconscious will do whatever it takes to recreate these feelings from childhood.

You can Ditch the Struggle, Overwhelm, and Money Worries. You can set good solid boundaries.

I’ve taken ALL the stress out of finally breaking through to solid mindset around setting solid boundaries without compromising your faith.


Flip Your Money Script Accelerator 8 weeks 1-1 coaching program

Overcome your blocks around setting boundaries, so you can create the income, life and business you dream of … with ease, grace and flow!

If Not You, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?

You will gain insight into when you stopped trusting and believing in yourself, and more importantly, you’ll be able to let go of it all and begin taking action IMMEDIATELY

You will begin to release guilt, shame, fears and then raise your financial setpoint so you can bring in more clients and income month after month

You will discover your unique money personality that allows you to earn money with ease and grace, and begin to align your financial and physical environment around your desires.

Who Am I?

I’m Eston Swaby,
and I want to help you play bigger.

I am a money mindset coach who works with Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs to release their money fears, limiting beliefs, and guilt so they can confidently increase their income, impact and influence in the marketplace.

For many years I struggled with limiting beliefs and fears around money. As a result of my beliefs I ended up being heavily in financial debt, hitting rock bottom more than once, and struggling with money.

I could not understand how I seems to have a date with brokeness as I would do everything I could to ‘get rid’ of any money I had, while other people seems to have all the luck and how easy it seems for them to make money, and how easily opportunities came to them.

It was after seeking God, and becoming aware of my own thoughts and feelings around money I started to understand that my problem was my money mindset. It was then I started working on identifying my money blocks and releasing them.

Today, my clients come to me feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, riddled with self-doubt, fear, and stuck on autopilot. They keep undercharging and over-delivering even though they want to be earning more, making a bigger impact and changing the world with their message and unique gift, but aren’t sure they deserve it or if they have what it takes to make it happen.

My clients leave with an empowered money story that allows them to make more money with ease and grace, stand in their personal power and own their worth. They are no longer play it safe because of their fears & self-doubts, but they are playing at a much bigger level because they know they are worthy and they are unbreakable.

When you clear your blocks around setting good boundaries, you open up to what seems like “magical” results!

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