Attention New Coaches and Entrepreneurs: Stop Spinning Your Wheels Trying To Figure Out How To Get Your First Few Clients. I Am Here To Help You To Attract Your First 3 Clients


Amplify: The First Step to More Clients

(4hr VIP Coaching)

For professionals who wants to quit their 9-5 job, new coaches and service-base entrepreneurs who want to stand out in a crowded market and attract the success they want in their lives and business

If you thought all of this business stuff was easy, you could read the books, watch the videos, read the posts and do it on your own and the clients will flow ……. But they are not, and you keep spinning your wheels without getting the results you want, then know this,  I’ve Got You!

If you are a coach or service provider and you want to know with assurety the next step to get clients, I got you.

I understand when you are struggling to take your business from lack of clients (or not enough clients) to where you are booking clients consistently,… because I’ve been there.

I struggled for what seemed an eternity, thinking I could do it all on my own but NOT getting the clients I needed to create my coaching business. The coaching business I wanted to help others and provide for my family.

When I felt I couldn’t go on that way any longer, I hired a mentor. I learned HOW to get clients, and how to take my coaching business to a bigger playing field.

And all it took was that I had to take that first step to more clients.

I am here for you to do that too.

I am here to help you succeed, I am here to help you step into your power to serve and to make an amazing impact, influence and the income to match because you have a big work to do here and you can’t do that if you are not getting out there and getting clients and you can’t satisfy your family wants and needs.

I am here to AMPLIFY!

When I started my business:

​1. I was charging clients $5 and that was because I was too scared to ask for $10 because “who would want to work with me?”

2. I felt as if I was not worthy, I was not good enough and I didn’t have a voice or a message

​3. I felt as if I didn’t have what it took to help my clients to get the results they want, even though that was exactly what I was already doing.

​4. I was afraid of putting myself out there because I thought I didn’t have anything of value to share, even when people told me that my content was really great.

​5. I was trying to be like everyone else because I was scared of standing out.

I was afraid of making money because “what if make money and then lose it or not know how to manage it properly?”

Afraid of sharing my message for fear of being rejected, failure or just not being good enough. No one wants to fail or get rejected, right?

I was afraid of telling people and just talking to people about anything not just business because what if they don’t like me or what if they reject me?

I was afraid of being my authentic self because I thought I could be my authentic self and share my voice and make money because I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH! So I tried to be like everyone else and got lost in all the noise going on online instead of separating myself from everyone else.

Don’t be like I was. Own your Awesomeness!

This 4hr programme is for you if you want to stop spinning your wheels and know exactly what you need to do to get your first 3 clients. The investment for this is a steal when you realise you only have to sign one low client package to get your return on investment.

If you are ready to finally take that REAL First Step to More Clients, here’s what we’ll do in a jam packed 4 hour coaching session that you can ACTION to get more clients:

🔶 AMPLIFY YOUR MESSAGE.  Get clear on who it is you really want to work with and craft a message they can’t miss.

🔶 AMPLIFY HOW MUCH YOU ‘GET THEM’. This is what so few are doing. It’s the secret sauce to this session that will AMPLIFY your client’s successes …. And therefore yours.  We’ll look at what problem they think they are having and take it a step further to where they are not daring do go… but you will and that’s your power that will have clients need you even more.

🔶 AMPLIFY YOUR OFFER.  If you’re not getting clients, your offerings are weak. We’ll create your “Heck Yes Offer’.  The one that your potential clients REALLY WANT and will jump off the fence they’re sitting on to start working with you. This offer is the one that will bring you more clients.

🔶 ORGANIC CLIENT ATTRACTION. We will dive into your story and pull the gold nuggets out of your story that you want to teach. We will also create 30 days of contents for both regular post and video challenge. You will set yourself apart and show your prospective clients why they should work with you.


Why am I offering this?

When I decided to transition from 9-5 to running my own business because I felt unfulfilled and I wasn’t doing the work I wanted to do, I had no sense of direction. I felt as if I was battling with myself everyday as I tried to figure out what I really want to be doing.

I felt not good enough and everyday I asked myself “can I really do this? Am I worthy to be paid? Am I deserving? How can I fit into the crowd because I cannot be authentic and make money?”

I struggled for a very long time before I finally started making money as an entrepreneur, and that wasn’t after failing at more than 10 businesses as I tried to find my own voice.

I’d love to shave time off your learning curve so you can get to profit faster. And we can get started RIGHT NOW to position you for profit.

You’ll get…

  • 1 4hr coaching session with me (can be divided into 2x2hr or 4x1hr)
  • Expert guidance, tips, and strategies directly from me
  • My eyes on your business so I can help you get and stay on the right path


  • Worksheets
  • 30 days unlimited WhatsApp or Facebook messaging to ask me anything (value $500)


Pay in Full $698

When you pay in full: 1x45mins coaching session within 30 days

Payment Plan: $300 upfront and $430 30days later