Hello, my name is Eston Swaby.

I’m a small-town young man who grew up in a small community call Cold Spring in Westmoreland, Jamaica. I spent most of my time hanging out with my friends on the play ground, playing video games with my friends and hanging out with my cousins.

I am a young man who went from growing up in a suffocating, emotionally and spiritually draining community, who grew up in a family that weren’t doing much with their lives, to where I am work with coaches and entrepreneurs to show up more powerfully in their business, make more money so they can change the world with their message and gift.

I am just a Sunday School teacher, church leader, entrepreneur with big dreams. Obsessed with: sweet & sour chicken, cake, ice cream (I would eat ice cream and cake every day), mangoes (I will give up a sumptuous meal just to eat mangoes), watching movies and using the internet. I’ve been keepin’ it real since 1988.

I am living proof that you can be and do anything.

I started my business with about $20 in my bank account and a dream.

There were months I could not pay my hosting fee, there for times I didn’t even have money to buy food. But I had a big dream, and today I turned that dream into an global online business.

I used to be afraid. Afraid of making money because “what if I make money and then lose it or I mismanaged my money? What if I become like one of those rich people who things the world revolves around them, corrupt and step on the ‘little man’?”

I knew I had a message, but I didn’t know what that was and I was already afraid of showing up for fear of rejection and just not being good enough.

I was afraid of telling people what I do and just talking to people about anything not just business because what if they don’t like me or what if they reject me?

I was afraid of being my authentic self because I thought I could not be my authentic self and share my voice and make money because I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH! So I tried to be like everyone else and got lost in all the noise going on online instead of separating myself from everyone else

I had a lot of emotional blocks (fears and false beliefs) around my worthiness and being good enough to make the money I want to make and attracting the level of success I want to attract.

As a result I would lower my coaching fees and just accept anyone who are willing to spend some money with me, didn’t matter if they were paying me $5 or $100. I just wanted to help people. Anyone, because who knows when another client will come my way?

I would panic every time it came around to telling a prospect how much I charge and asking for the money.

I struggled for many years with my identity because I never knew who I was, so my identity was based on my circumstances, failures and other people’s opinion of me.

I was busy doing busy work because I didn’t really know what the heck I was doing or how to build my business.

So it is okay for you to be ambitious but afraid and have a lot of self-doubts. Nothing is wrong with you!

But you just can’t stay there.

Today I work with amazing clients who knows my value and willing to pay me what I am worth.

I am a mission to liberate entrepreneurs from the curse of “not good enough” and fears and help them to step into their power, own their voice and their story so they can charge what they are worth, make more money, double their income, break through their money glass ceiling and become the unbreakable person they were created to be.

Because success in business doesn’t come from busting your ass doing a million and one thing, complicated funnels or marketing strategies. It comes from changing the way you think and feel about your business and about yourself. From changing your inner game so you can let go of what drags you down, focus on what you love, and design a business that allows you to live a blissful life.

The Good

Let’s take it back for a second – way back. I was born in a small town call Cold Spring in Westmoreland in the beautiful country of  Jamaica, to two loving, hard-working parents and my fabulous, grandmother Vida Whyte who taught us the value of hard work and showing kindness to everyone in the community. Vida was the greatest grandmother I know and my inspiration. She was admired and love by everyone in the community and one most generous human being I’ve ever had the privilege to know. As a child, I my sister and I could always go to any shop in the community and use her name to order anything. Her name was the only currency we needed to buy anything or to even visit anyone’s house and asked them for things we wanted. In fact, when people came up to us and asked us who we were, all we had to do was to say “Mrs. Vida grandson” and that was our ticket. My grandmother taught me about God and was the reason why I became a good reader. Every Sunday in few days in the week we had to go to church as she ensured we had a firm spiritual foundation. The person I am today I owe it all to her.

I spent most of my time hanging out with my friends on the play ground, playing video games with my friends and hanging out with my cousins.

My parents are both farmers and so as a child my sister and I would visit their farms, and we even started a small farm of our own planting corn.

The Bad

I felt like a bird trapped in  cage in high school and didn’t know how to come out, even when the cage was opened. I was shy, and had no confidence in myself.  I was shy and intimidated by girls that when a girl expressed interest in me I never knew how to talked to her or when another girl put her legs on top of mine I never knew what to do. I won’t even mentioned other girls who wanted to have a relationship with me and I didn’t know how to seal the deal.

I was an emotional mess.

University was basically the same. I grew up in a small community community and went to small time high school. We didn’t speak proper English so when I went to university and found myself surrounded by other students that were more experienced and better educated than I was, I felt out of place. I felt as if I never belonged. And I didn’t know how to handle it.

Luckily I was doing a degree in Psychology as my dream was to become a clinical psychologist working with teens and families.

I was desperate, desperate to change my circumstances, to feel like I was somebody and I belonged, so for the next couple of years which continued after University, I started to invest in my personal growth.

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The Ugly


I woke up at 5am in the morning to work on my business, for some reason I decided to check my phone messages, something I didn’t normally do. And that was when my whole world felt like it ended. I felt like I wanted to just die in that moment.

I saw a text message from my bank letting me know I owe $97,000, that was in Jamaican currency. My heart dropped. I was in totally shocked.

In my job I was only taking home about $21,000 Jamaican dollars per month after loans were taken out of my already small paycheck.

What was I going to do? I already had a million dollar debt that I was struggling to pay off. Now this! I felt as if my life was over.

The truth is, I was dead broke. And desperate. I could not tell my girl friend about this. What would she think about me? I was talking to her about marriage, what would she do if she find out that now I was more in debt than she previously thought? Would she start having doubts about us being a family? NO I cannot tell her, I decided. She will never find out about this.

I decided I could not tell her I had a credit card debt out of fear. I am a man who is thinking about starting a family and I could not control my finances. I felt ashamed. Ashamed of being in debt. Ashamed of not being man enough to handle my business. Can I really call myself a man?

I felt like a failure because I failed. I failed her. I failed myself. And I failed God. I could not let her know that the man she loves failed her. Not until I get my finances in order.

But it was in that moment I realized that things had to change. I could not continue down this path anymore.

My fears, self-doubts and procrastinating habits are the reason why I am in this situation right now. I have a story to tell and a message inside of me that I was afraid to share because I never felt it was good enough. I never felt as if I was good enough and worthy even though I have started to take started to take steps to grow my business.

I realized that the only way things were going to change is if I change. If I go all in and my business.

I had to face the man in the mirror and admit to myself that I was the reason for my current situation and only I could do something about it. Not my boss. Not even my clients. No one else.

The situation I was in changed everything for me……… That day I decided to be the man I was created to be, whatever that would look like.


As a Money Mindset & Life Transformation Coach, I work with ambitious coaches and entrepreneurs who:

Know how to build their business and serve their clients, but they feel stuck and want to finally release their emotional breaks that is holding them back from the success they want.

Have all of these dreams but their fears and self-doubts are holding them back from making the impact and the money they want to make. As a result they are playing it safe and small game instead of stepping into their full power.

Don’t want to wait years to make the kind of impact they are thinking of making, they want to do so now.

Want to get of the ‘not enough money’ treadmill so they can stop stressing and worrying about money and instead focus on growing their business and serving their clients

Have no problem doing the work, but they want to get off the hustle and grind train and build a business their business with ease, grace and without sacrificing their values

Want to build a business around their lifestyle, and not their lifestyle around their business.

They are up to big things in the world and making a massive impact. But inwardly they are driven by fear. The good news is that they are unstoppable when they tap into their strength and use their unique Money Blueprint to create wealth the way they were meant to.

Because they want to help a lot of people, they have problems setting clear boundaries. They are quick to give away their service because they really want to help people, but the problem is they are not being paid what they are worth.

They oftentimes feel guilty asking and receiving money, but they are always over-giving and so they feel overworked and unappreciated.

If that is you, I would love to get on a call with you to see how I can support you to make your dreams happen, book a Free Breakthrough Call With Me